Discover it Yourself

Collage of Children's Do It Yourself collection items
The Children's Discover It Yourself (DIY) collection includes gadgets, games and kits to help kids explore the world around them.


Kindle Paperwhites with preloaded books, including Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, realistic nonfiction, and more.

General Science & Math

Microscopes, liquid measuring kit, magnetic fraction circles, and more


A variety of games including Robot Turtles, Pyramix, Knot So Fast, Clue - Harry Potter, and more.

Arts, Crafts, & Baking

Cake pans, sewing machine, learn to draw, how to tell a story, and more.

Electronic Circuits

A variety of Snap Circuits and Little Bits kits.

Programming & Robots

Makeblock Neuron, Cubetto, and more.


Human body kit and microscopes.

Outdoor Exploration

Birdwatching kit, geology field kit, orienteering kit, 2-way radios, underwater cameras, and more.


American sign language kit, yoga/mindfulness kit.


Drums, harps, portable CD player, ukuleles, keyboard, and more.

Children's Discover It Yourself Guidelines
  • Please return kits INSIDE the library, not in the drop boxes.
  • Return all parts of the kits and the accompanying materials when you bring it back to the library.
  • If the full kit is not returned undamaged within 3 weeks of its due date, the patron will be charged the full replacement cost.
  • The borrower agrees to protect save and keep the Town of Arlington, the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director, their agents and employees forever free and harmless, and indemnified against any and all costs or expense arising out of any accident or other occurrence causing injury to any persons or property as a result of using any item in the Discover It Yourself collection.