Pride Prom Returns!

Robbins Library proudly celebrates an alternative prom for teens in Arlington each year.

Arlington’s Pride Prom, an alternative prom for LGBTQ+ teens and their friends, returns on May 20 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the newly renovated event space at the Arlington Community Center, located at 27 Maple Street. The Prom is an opportunity for teens to dance, celebrate, and come together no matter how they define themselves.  

This year, Pride Prom features a DJ and dancing, dress up accessories, a quiet chill-out room, gender neutral bathrooms, an all-queer adult staff from the library and partner organizations, and a special performance from Prom King and Queen, Sham Payne and Jayden Jamison.

Alternative proms have been growing in popularity since the late 1990s. Robbins Library first hosted an alternative prom in 2017, then known as Drag Prom. In 2020 it was renamed Pride Prom to more accurately reflect the spirit of the event and welcome teens to come to the prom however they feel comfortable. The prom is open to teens from Arlington and beyond and strives to offer a welcoming space for queer and gender non-comforming teens, allies and friends. 

Teen Librarian Katy Kania says, “I’m so excited to bring back Pride Prom in person this year after two years of Zoom Prom.  Pride Prom is a wonderful place for teens to feel accepted just as they are, wherever they are in their journey. It’s a night of tons of fun and bonding.”  Community partners include Arlington’s Rainbow Commission, LexPride, the Belmont Public Library, Belmont LGBTQ  Alliance, Out MetroWest, and Gay for Good.  

Pride Prom welcomes any LGBTQ+ teens in grades 6-12 and their friends. Contact Katy Kania at or 781-316-3204 with questions.  

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Pride Prom on May 20th 7-10pm at the Arlington Community Center