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Strategic Planning for Arlington’s Libraries

As we made change after change to provide library services in new and innovative ways during 2020, it became clear that 2021 would be the perfect year to create a new strategic plan. In many ways, as an institution and a team, we’ve never been as flexible or unafraid of change as we are right now. After a bidding process that took place in January 2021, the library entered into agreement with the national consulting firm Library Strategies.

Public libraries create a new strategic plan every 4-6 years and use that plan to guide year-over-year activities, and our last plan was completed in 2015. We take into account the Town Master Plan, community data, and library statistics, and the plan takes about 5 months to complete. Having a current, approved strategic plan on file with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) also makes us eligible for state grants. A community survey conducted in July 2021 elicited 874 responses, and curated focus groups and interviews took place in July and early August. The new Strategic Plan was approved by the Library Board of Trustees on October 12 and will be posted and widely publicized later this fall.

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Andrea Nicolay, Director of Libraries

Andrea Nicolay, Director of Libraries