Cookbook Club

Welcome to the Cookbook Club page!

We meet every couple of months and cook dishes from one cookbook and bring them in to eat together. We don’t have the ability to reheat food or keep it warm, so keep this in mind when choosing recipes. You’re responsible for bringing serving utensils, but we provide paper goods and utensils for eating.

Per Massachusetts state law we need to let you know that the neither the food nor the facilities have been inspected by the state or by a local public health agency.

Copies of the book are held at the circulation desk. To RSVP, email with the name of the recipe you want to make. Registration opens after the previous meeting. We have a limit of 15 people and each person must bring a dish. If you want to bring a friend or family member, you each need to bring a dish. They don’t have to be complicated or fancy – any recipe from the book is fair game! (Except alcoholic beverages – sorry!)

Below is a list of all recipes claimed so far for the next meeting, which will be kept as up-to-date as possible.

A list of past books we’ve cooked from is on our Goodreads Cookbook Club Shelf.

August 2022 Meeting Info

August 22, 6:30-8:00pm in the Robbins Library Community Room

Register by August 17 by emailing with the name of the recipe you want to bring. Our Cookbook is Sababa by Adeena Sussman.

Recipes already claimed (in order by page number):

Cheesy Asparagus Sheet Pan Pashtida p.72
Seeded Za’atar Crackers p.104
Pecan-Lime Muhamarra Dip p.136
Broccoli Cottage Cheese Pancakes p.140
Tahini-Glazed Carrots p.158
Arugula Salad with Dates, Feta, and Pistachios p.178
Cinnamony Smoky Eggplant P’titim p.196
Lentils with Crispy Leeks and Fennel p.198
Ricotta Dumplings with Pistachio-Cilantro Pesto p.218
Harissa-Honey Pargiyot (Boneless Chicken Thighs) p.224
Amba Tofu Curry p.284
Thyme-Roasted Apricots with Whipped Goat Cheese p.332
Spiced Medjool Mandelbrodt (Israeli Biscotti) p.348
Olive Oil Chocolate Spread p.350
Almond-Coconut Basbusa Snack Cake p.355