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About Children’s Services

The Robbins and Fox Libraries serve children ages 0 to 14 as well as parents, caregivers, educators and others working with children and children’s literature. We look forward to seeing you at the library!
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For Educators

Schedule an adventure at the library! Sign up for a special story time or a tour of the Children’s Room.
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Booklists for Kids

The Children’s Librarians have created lists of some of their favorite reads! These lists are a great starting point for all.

Kids Events


It’s easy! You can apply online or in-person. All you need is identification with your name and current address.


Gadgets, games and kits to help kids explore the world around them. Borrow a telescope, two-way radios, Kindles pre-loaded with popular reads and more.

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Staff Picks for Kids

May 2022